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Scale faster than your competition.

We help e-commerce retailers embrace Social Media and profitably attract new customers and re-engage existing customers.

Welcome to the Shopify Mindset

Are you still receiving meaningless reports in 2023?

Traditional online marketing agencies are a thing of the past...

We know exactly which tools to use and how to track their effectiveness with precision. Unlike traditional agencies that use outdated practices from years ago, we stay ahead with a keen eye for what works today.
We specialize in scaling brands with profitability, using innovative methods that deliver results quickly.

Our Paid Social approach

Creative Performance: We have a big focus on paid social creative and share feedback with your designers to improve the impact of artwork, copywriting, and design.

Testing frameworks: We have internal frameworks that provide incremental improvements to Paid Social. This way, you can launch new collections directly with profitable campaigns.

Advanced measurement and reporting: Now that the measurability of Paid advertising is becoming more challenging, we are looking beyond the standard metrics. This way, we can better determine the impact of Paid Social.

Weekly interviews and monthly review: we are in regular contact to discuss the broader strategy, update you on the overview of social media, review social creatives and share updates.

Testing and analysis: Comprehensive and proven test plan for both creative and audience targeting.

3-step strategy for the first 6 months

Audits & Strategy

If you're from another agency or have already set things up, we can evaluate your account and create a strategy that can be executed by the team.


We execute the strategy and achieve the KPIs and targets. We scale hard, innovate and scale harder. With the right tech stack, more is possible than you think.

Transferring knowledge

We transfer all our knowledge of what works and what doesn't work for your webshop into sessions. It is possible to train your internal marketer so that you no longer need us for daily activities.

Our (slightly biased) opinion

Other options

The good

- They have experience with other platforms
- You have a team at your disposal

The Bad

- They don't specialize in Shopify
- Working with old methods that no longer work on socials in 2023
- Don't have the time for you to scale up.

The Ugly

- Results are often limited
- Report that says nothing about actual results

The good

- Doesn't cost anything
- You learn a lot
- It can be a hobby!

The Bad

- A lot of work
- Complex tasks
- A waste of time when you want to scale up quickly

The Ugly

- You need a team
- High chance of failure
- Causes unnecessary stress

The good

- You can act quickly
- Good for long-term team building
- Fixed availability
- Always available to help

The Bad

- Finding good people is difficult
- You'll probably need several
- You need 40 hours a week of tasks

The Ugly

- Quickly costs €50k - €80k /year
- You have to manage it
- They need training

Benefits for our clients

Why Newfive?


With our own assembled tech stack, we know how to achieve high-performance.

Fast Live

No long lead times. We work more intensively, but with fewer brands. That way, you are not a number.

Fixed Price

All our projects are fixed-scope with a fixed price.


Personal contact with a fixed point of contact throughout the project.

Discuss Shopify Marketing?

We help you make the right choice, with the prospect of a healthy ROI.

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