With a flexible shop, you can act faster, make better decisions and grow more sustainably

We believe that a flexible, yet simple foundation, will deliver faster, more efficient and greater returns with the investment it requires. No hassles, or unnecessary features.

Our take on e-commerce

Even if you are building "the next big thing," a low-code or even no-code mentality will likely get you there faster.

Sustainable growth has more to do with improving fundamentals than chasing custom features that 1% of visitors use.

The best webshops grow quickly by keeping the webshop flexible and agile. They focus primarily on authentic storytelling and marketing. The best chance for exponential growth in a competitive market is to keep things simple and focused, and to stick to best practices. That way you can spend your time and investment on things that really matter.

Faster time-to-market than open-source platforms.
ROI ++
A low-code solution gives the highest ROI.

The three factors that determine the price of your webshop are wishes, budget and deadline. Depending on this, your website will fall into one of the categories below.


Budget: From €10k
Time indication: 2-8 weeks
Most suitable for web shops doing less than 1M per year.

Because we focus entirely on Shopify, we know what metrics we need to be on to make the most of Shopify's premium themes. We make every feature of the platform accessible, without an overkill of functionality and technical knowledge.

Even if you're a fast-growing business, we strongly encourage you to consider a no-code approach to your development. That way you can focus on things that make you unique and special, things that help you.

As you gain exposure and collect data from visitors and customers, we can begin to develop customizations or custom components - while continuing to minimize the technical hassle, so you can stay "simple," flexible, and update faster.


Budget range: €15k-30k
Typical project duration: 2-3 months
Most suitable for web shops doing more than 1M per year.

Instead of focusing on a list of requirements, we first look at your company's goals. In practice, we often see that a long list of functionalities is not used at all.

Our strength: turning your goals into the tools you need. We turn difficult code into easily customizable modules that are easy to use. We bring your story forward and make your website shine with beautiful content.

A low-code approach with high-end design, that's ultimately what you want. Flexible components that are multi-deployable. Easily create new pages without technical knowledge and add the latest assortment in no time.


Budget range: €30k+
Typical project duration: 3-5 months
Most suitable for web shops doing more than 3M per year.

We love a challenge, just like you. A custom solution is the way to go for web shops with complex offerings or entrepreneurs who want to create something unique.

If not, and you are just looking for a "unique" experience or not extreme attention to detail in your design and experience, beware of the long-term cost of complexity.

Regardless of your needs, don't forget the needs of your visitors. In practice, we see that these desires can sometimes vary enormously.

Our ideal client

Our ideal client has:

1. Has a shop in Fashion or Luxury niche
2. minimum €1M revenue per year
3. mature tooling in terms of ERP, PIM and fulfillment
4. experience with online commerce on board
5. reached the limits with its current agency or Shopify theme
6. between €10k and €50k budget for a new shop
7. ambition to at least double in sales
8. Seeks a long-term Shopify partner.

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