What is Newfive's unique selling point?

We build shopify stores that let brands focus on their passion, creation and marketing. Without the hassles.

Welcome to the Shopify mindset

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People & Culture

We are entrepreneurs, artists, sports enthusiasts, gamers, animal lovers and foodies. We are fashionistas and nerds. We are clean-cut and tattooed. We are Netflix binge-watchers and thinkers. We are also very much like you and your customers. We are people.

The big difference with other agencies is that we work with a fixed team of developers in the Philippines. Which fits the Shopify mindset perfectly.

The Shopify mindset is Digital Native. Digitally you are more flexible, always available and scalable. This makes it easier for us to generate innovation for high performance webshops.

The features we experience by working with Filipino colleagues:

  • There is a cultural fit: Filipinos are raised with an appreciation for Western culture
  • While we sleep in NL, work is being done on cool web shops
  • All our developers have a bachelor or master degree
  • Working with Shopify longer than we do in the Netherlands
  • Share the Shopify Mindset
  • Enjoy meeting in real life once a year, one year in the Netherlands, the other in the Philippines.

In practice, this means that we work with Dutch clients, create designs, devise strategies and know the technology. Agile, we carry out tasks and a team of full-time developers in the Philippines develop the designs into high performance web shops.

My peers have helped me build my technical skills tremendously, inspire me every day, and create a work environment that I feel I can thrive in.

Val Villar

Designer, Newfive

Core values

Keep it simple

Simple is efficient. Making things more complex is easy and not scalable.

We will always innovate

We don't like to stand still. We want to play e-commerce at Champions league level.

No stress

We keep our heads cool in a crisis. We rely on our knowledge and experience to deliver the work. Likewise, we don't worry about small things

We win with the customer in the team

We are ambitious and positive, we work together and share our successes. Our clients are partners and part of the team

The founders Why?

I started Newfive to help brands simplify their e-commerce experience. Simply by focusing on non-technical functions, but on scalable solutions that stimulate sales.

Entrepreneurs have a knack for listing a whole wish list of features, often gut-wrenching and technically complex.
As Newfive, we have focused on solutions that really matter since the start of the company. Sales-oriented solutions without technical fuss.

By giving store owners the right mindset, they start thinking differently.
From "I want this functionality" to "Will this functionality contribute to more sales? And can we easily maintain it in the future. That is what I call the Shopify mindset..

Jordy Sterk - Founder, Newfive


We are located in the heart of Nijmegen at NEX'D Workspaces.
Coffee is ready;)


Partnering with Newfive means

  • Always able to start within 2 weeks.
  • Dutch or English support, just what you need.
  • No long lead times, we have a scalable model.
  • Working with Shopify developers who have been familiar with the platform for years and have been coding for at least 5+ years.
  • We think page speed, new technology and innovation are important.
Cherries on top

Our social impact

Every month, we personally share and implement our Shopify & Klaviyo expertise. This allows Cherries On Top to keep their overhead costs extremely low, allowing more research money to go to Cancer.

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