Build custom storefronts faster

Six ways Dawn with Tailwind will do wonders to your eCommerce development business

Dawn is a highly converting and modular storefront for ambitious eCommerce businesses. A new standard in Shopify themes.
But we missed a very important part, a framework that was known widely known by our developers.

Super easy to customize

If you like IKEA or know LEGO, you will love Dawn & Tailwind, because it is very simple to add new blocks and pages. It is all pre-built for you, and if you can write HTML, you can work with the theme.

Extend it, tweak it, change it.

Tailwind includes an expertly crafted set of defaults out-of-the-box, but literally everything can be customized — from the color palette to the spacing scale to the box shadows to the mouse cursor.

Crazy bang for the buck

We give the power of Enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses. Consider us as the Robin Hood of eCommerce. Instead of 100%, you pay 0.001% of the traditional cost.

Optimized for speed

Speed is essential — a delay of even milliseconds equals lost orders and loyal customers. We've benchmarked Dawn against the most popular themes in the industry. And it ranks high.

Build whatever you want, seriously.

Because Tailwind is so low-level, it never encourages you to design the same site twice. Even with the same color palette and sizing scale, it's easy to build the same component with a completely different look in the next project.

Developers will love it!

Tailwind CSS is the only framework that scales on large teams. It’s easy to customize, adapts to any design,  and the build size is tiny.

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